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    KI AIKIDO CLUB "BEOGRAD" is a member of KI NO KENKYUKAI organization since 1986.
    KI AIKIDO CLUB "VRANJE" is a member of KI NO KENKYUKAI organization since 1991.

    Ki aikido club Vranje (click to enlarge)

    KI AIKIDO ASSOCIATION OF YUGOSLAVIA was founded on May 29th 1997 in Belgrade. Following clubs were the founders:

    1. KI AIKIDO CLUB BEOGRAD from Belgrade – president Milan Jeremić
    2. KI AIKIDO CLUB VRANJE from Vranje – president Aleksandar Stojković
    3. KI AIKIDO CLUB MUSASHI from Belgrade – president Goran Kurnik
    4. KI AIKIDO CLUB DINAMO from Pancevo – president Mladen Popović

    Milan Jeremić was the President of Ki Aikido Association.
    Goran Kurnik was the Sports director of Ki Aikido Association.

    On 25.07.2021. a new association of KI AIKIDO clubs was formed, by the name NATIONAL KI AIKIDO ASSOCIATION.

    The founding clubs are:

    1. KI AIKIDO CLUB MUSASHI, Belgrade – representative Goran Kurnik
    2. KI AIKIDO CLUB BEOGRAD, Belgrade – representative Milan Jeremić
    3. KI AIKIDO CLUB SATORI, Pančevo – representative Goran Šarenac
    4. KI AIKIDO CLUB FUDOSHIN, Vranje – representative Srđan Arsić

    Official Association representatives are Goran Kurnik, Darijan Kurnik and members of the Board.
    Therefore the former association ceased to exist and all the legal competences from the former association are passed to the new one.