Milan Jeremić

Milan Jeremić ROKU DAN, OKU DEN

Born in Belgrade, on May 31st 1962.
He grew up in Čubura part of Belgrade, near the "Vračar" Sport Center, where he began practicing aikido in 1978, at "DTV Partizan XIII" club, at instructor Ljubomir Vračarević.
In 1982, he becomes an instructor in Aikido club "Prvi Vračar". He is one of the founders and instructors of Aikido club "Maj", founded in 1985.

In February 1986, he meets teacher Kenjiro Yoshigasaki and begins practicing Shin shin toitsu aikido.
In 1992, Aikido club "Maj" changes its name to Ki aikido club "Beograd", and in the same year Milan Jeremić founds in Pančevo another aikido club which is today called Sekcija "Dinamo – Pančevo".

He gained SHO DAN master's degree in Japan, by teacher Koichi Tohei in 1994; NI DAN, SAN DAN, YON DAN, OKU DEN and GO DAN degrees by teacher Kenjiro Yoshigasaki and ROKU DAN degree by Ki no kenkyukai musubi association.

He was the president of former KI AIKIDO ASSOCIATION OF YUGOSLAVIA and one of the founders of the new NATIONAL KI AIKIDO ASSOCIATION.
Today, he works as an instructor in Belgrade and Pančevo.

He graduated at The School of Electrical Engineering at University of Belgrade.